Saturday, March 4th, 2017

About Jhoomti

For the past fourteen years, UCLA's Hindi Film Dance Team, Nashaa, has prided itself on bringing the culture of Bollywood to the community through the expression of dance. In recent years we have gone beyond the realm of just Bollywood and have extended our invitation to Fusion Dance teams as well.

Now in its 15th year, Jhoomti Shaam will be held on March 4th, 2017 at the prestigious Alex Theatre in Los Angeles in association with Bollywood America and Legends. Following in the footsteps of previous successful Jhoomti Shaam competitions, and now taking one step forward, Nashaa at UCLA is dedicated to compiling only the best artistic talent the country has to offer in pursuit of becoming the nation's most prestigious Hindi Film and Fusion Dance Competition.



This year, Jhoomti Shaam will be giving a percentage of its profits to Ramakrishna Mission School of Nursing in India!

The Ramakrishna Mission School of Nursing, located in Vrindaban, India was started in 1980 with a mission of having well-trained and compassionate nurses to serve the sick in the hospital with skill and love. They accept 30 unmarried women aged 17 to 25 each year and provide them with free education through nursing school, lodging, and boarding through nursing school. When necessary, they also provide free uniforms and books. With this education, these women can support themselves independently, give back to their community through compassion, and encourage education and a better lifestyle in future generations.

To help support the School of Nursing, you can make a donation directly on their website or through Jhoomti Shaam's venmo. Just venmo @jhoomtishaam your donation with the caption "Nursing School Donation" and 100% of the proceeds will be forwarded. We urge you to consider donating whatever you can afford to.

Best of the West

We're proud to announce the winner of Best of the West! Irvington High School from Fremont has won the chance to perform at Jhoomti Shaam 2017. Check out a teaser of their performance video.